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Restore your athleticism, improve your physique and performance at ANY age! while learning basic parkour and movement skills. Wake up from the Matrix and discover your TRUE potential... take the red pill and join the Movement Matrix Method!


People at ANY age looking to get functionally fit, have fun while getting in amazing bodyweight shape and be masters of their movement.


Expect to increase your strength, balance, stamina, flexibility and mobility while becoming your most athletic self. You'll have the tools for lifelong fitness AND be able to conquer any obstacle course race.


People over 30 looking to get functionally fit, have fun while getting in amazing bodyweight shape and be masters of their movement.

  • Initial 30 minute Fitness Assessment & Consultation ($80)
  • Movement Matrix Method- learn the 9 modules in the Method ($497)
  • ​48 Safe and Fun Small Group Training Sessions @RVPK Gresham ($1200)
  • ​48 Open Gym Workouts ($960)
  • 1 hr Private Lesson ($90)
  • ​MMM Tee ($25)
  • ​Weekly Check-in with Coach Ryland
  • ​Accountability, Reminders, Messaging
  • ​Nutrition & Tracking Coaching
  • ​Community, Camaraderie, & Support

TOTAL VALUE: $2852 & more....






After I had my knee surgery in 2020, Ryland helped me get my workout routine in order and kept me accountable until I could do it myself. I went to one of his Parkour nights for old dudes (like me) and it was extremely fun! I have been meaning to get back out there, but I haven't had the time recently.
I WHOLE HEARTEDLY think that you should do this if you have the means to make it happen. Super fun. Super positive. Super welcoming and supportive.
I thank my stars that Ryland was looking out for me when I needed it most, and I am positive that he could help you to reach any goal you wanted to with your health!

Chris Couch, Worlds Finest (band) lead singe

 love that each class is different and challenging in so many different ways. I've never considered myself athletic, so the thought of jumping from one place to another is one wants to fall and I'm pretty notorious for being clumsy! You make it easy to succeed.

I loved learning & practicing new skills, making up lines, being around encouraging new friends.
It has transformed my life by realizing that I can do it! I'm stronger, more flexible & agile. My balance is better. 
I would tell a new person that they can do more they think. They will have fun, enjoy the encouragement & camaraderie from new friends, & be happy!

My daughter started parkour and has gained confidence and athleticism. I thought it would be fun to Parkour together and change my life style in order to keep up with my active 9 year old. This program has changed so much of my life. I have lost 17 lbs, eating better with the nutritional app from Ryland, I’m not hypertensive anymore, my balance and stamina is amazing. I can go on and on. The best part is the friendship and positivity not from my coach but from all ages. I feel like a kid again.

It’s an amazing feeling to realize you’re stronger than when you started and that you’re capable of more than you realize. 

The program has brought an amazing group of people into my life. Even when I’ve thought about quitting there’s more to this than most gyms. It’s a family. 

Everyone has a day 1. This is more than a workout. This is pushing yourself to new limits with people that want you to succeed.

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